The Doctor’s Dilemma

“Daniel Millhouse is mesmerizing as the amoral artist, Louis Dubedat.”

Colin Douglas - Chicago Theatre Review

“The excellent cast includes Timothy W. Hull as Ridgeon, Daniel Millhouse and Monica Orozco as the artist and his devoted wife, and Marck Richard as a misguided medical colleague of Ridgeon’s.”

Albert Williams - The Chicago Reader

Pride and Prejudice

“The supporting cast is delightfully rounded out, especially the lovely Jillian Kates as stoic eldest Bennet sister, Jane, and Daniel Millhouse as genial Mr. Bingley.”

Laura DeMarco - The Plain Dealer

“Other standouts are Jillian Kates (Elizabeth Bennet), Courtney Hausman (Mary Bennet), Daniel Millhouse (Mr. Bingley), Eric Damon Smith (Mr. Collins), and Lynn Allison, as the over-blown, pompous Lady Catherine de Bourgh.”

Roy Berko - Broadway World

“Daniel Millhouse, as carefree playboy Charles Bingley; Jodi Dominick, as his snobbish sister, Caroline; and Eric Damon Smith, as the ridiculously self-centered Mr. Collins give particularly impressive efforts, as well.”

Bob Abelman - The News-Herald   

Mamma Mia!

“Jaclyn Miller’s dance choreography tends to be a joyous expression of life lived to its fullest and so Bussert has handed her a young, energetic ensemble of triple-threat performers (Kelsey Brown, Warren Egypt Franklin, Tre Franklin, Courtney Hausman, David Holbert, Matt Koenig, Daniel Millhouse and Mack Shirilla) to bring this to the Hanna stage. Their skills are showcased in ‘Does Your Mother Know’ and ‘Under Attack’, which pretty much stops the show.”

Bob Abelman - Cleveland Jewish News

The 39 Steps

"Along the way, Richard meets an array of Hitchcockian characters ... all of them played by Daniel Millhouse and Matthew Singleton, whose rapid-fire transformations from salesmen to porter to constable to paperboy to matronly passenger - all during a brief train stop - provide some of the production's most satisfying comedy."

"Millhouse and Singleton have a flair for accents and outsize characters."

Barbara Vitello  The Daily Herald

"All the other characters are played by Daniel Millhouse and Matthew Singleton, who demonstrate incredible physical and vocal stamina, acting prowess, and comedic timing. They do everything from puppetry to Vaudeville-esque hat tricks to tumbling while supplying the color and tone of this play’s skewed little world. Their take on a doddering old couple of innkeepers is as amusing as their portrayal of a pair of jerks on a train and a battalion of bobbies in hot pursuit of Hannay. But they step in for dramatic roles, as well, always with a distinctive quirk which transforms their entire persona."

Jacob David  Around the Town Chicago

Richard III

“The play’s clear, artistic vision is enhanced by performances by actors such as Daniel Millhouse as Richard and Chelsea Anderson as Queen Margaret.”

“Millhouse performs the leading role as Richard excellently.  He appears completely absorbed in his role, and the audience can easily see – and believe – that he truly is Richard when he is onstage.  His performance encompasses many aspects of Richard’s character, such as the character’s physical deformities, occasionally slimy commentary and ‘plotting evil villain’ tendencies.  He fluidly moves through scenes by using a varied vocal intensity and emotive facial expressions.  When he ‘flies’ across the stage wearing a gaudy blue cap and headpiece, his facial expressions are what made the scene decidedly ‘creepy’, while dimmed lighting and ominous organ music contribute to this effect.”

Sara Lawton – The Badger Herald